La Morena


On October 27 1969, the new organization “Productos Alimenticios La Morena SA” started running, named after the virgin of Guadalupe, Mexicans’ patron saint.

Productos Alimenticios La Morena’s” slogan: “quality and tradition”, identifies our Company’s mission and objective, as well as its executive managers’ philosophy which has brought an important amount of benefits to its personnel, and in an indirect way to the population around where it is found, constantly contributing to social and humanitarian support to the neighbours, earning the community’s recognition and appreciation.

During almost 40 years of hard work, “Productos Alimenticios La Morena” has maintained the traditional taste of Mexican cuisine in its products, thanks to the human hands which are the main ingredient for the transformation of its produce, enriching experience to keep the original recipes, and possibility to offer tradition, taste and prime quality products.